Made In America From 100% Recycled Materials

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    Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.


    Designed specifically for electrical conduit and small piping.


    All support edges are rounded to provide a safe solution for any application


    Heavy and durable to withstand extreme rooftop conditions without unwanted movement due to wind and weather.


    Designed with a pipe saddle to accommodate pipe without needed additional accessories.


    Made in the USA


    UV resistant.


    2 year warranty

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Installation is as simple as placing the pipe into the curved “saddle” on the top of the base.



The Saddle Support was designed by high school students in a pre-collegiate program with help from professional engineers.



Channel can be installed on the base allowing for nearly unlimited pipe-supporting configurations.



The Saddle Support and RSS-4 are made using 100% recycled plastics.

What is the saddle support and how did it get its name?

The use of wood blocks is a thing of the past, and we don’t recommend using cheap products that won't last or are not durable. The constant pressure and extreme conditions found on a rooftop makes selecting the right support for the right application even more critical. The breakdown of wood block or other inexpensive materials quite often causes damage to the roof which ends up costing everyone involved additional resources and time to fix or correct these expensive problems.

In this industry, the biggest concerns are longevity, durability, and how it will handle the weight applied to the base over time on the roof. This led us to develop the Saddle Support (SS)—a durable, easy-to-use, affordable, long lasting base. This collaborative effort between industry experts, engineers, and a few hand selected high school students, involved in a local immersion program recently completed some rigorous testing and are proud to offer the new standard.

Made of 100% recycled plastic, the SS base is designed with a "saddle." The curved portion that can easily hold a pipe in place without the need for additional accessories. This simple, cost-effective, and long term solution was specifically made for electrical conduit, condensate, gas, solar, or other mechanical piping. We developed the SS to have rounded corners and smooth edges for maximum protection to the roof membrane. It is versatile and can withstand extreme rooftop conditions including constant UV exposure and vast temperature ranges. All with a 2 year warranty and engineering to back it up!

Product Pricing - Bulk Discounts

We planned to set the bar with the Saddle Support price. With wood blocks and other support options having a large range in cost, the Saddle Support's each price is only $11.79 per base.  We sell the Saddle Support in two different ways. A single box of 8 bases that can be shipped via ground, or a bulk option of 192 bases in a single Gaylord shipped on a pallet via LTL. To maximize your pricing options we have set up three different pricing tiers. 

-Need just a few for a small or single job, take advantage of our low price of $11.79 per base.

-Do you have several jobs or one large job, take advantage of our bulk pricing with a 5% discount off the each price

-Want to get free shipping? Order over $5,000 of product and we will pay your freight!

Buy Saddle Support (base only)


Buy Saddle Support 10 (includes strut and hardware, not installed)

$15.83/base with strut

Buy Saddle Support Base Kit (includes strut and hardware, not installed)

$68.25/base kit

Buy RSS3 - 3 Foot Piece


Partnering with CAPS

About Rooftop Sleeper Support

Rooftop Sleeper Support provides contractors and building owners reliable, dependable, and affordable alternatives to the traditional wood, rubber, and other open celled blocks used for rooftop support. Designed to withstand extreme rooftop conditions, our products have gone through extensive research, development and testing to make sure they are durable, versatile, reliable, and easy to use. Best of all, our superior-quality products are priced extremely well compared to their competitors.

The Saddle Support and Rooftop Sleeper Support's RSS4 products are all manufactured in the US and are always in stock, ready to be shipped within a day of your order. Let us earn your business.