A typical budget conscious contractor would usually utilize wood blocks or some type of inexpensive base to hold conduit lines. More often than not, however, this translates to additional expenses for building owners because over time, the substandard materials used to support the roof actually cause even more damage to it.

Rooftop Sleeper Support provides contractors and building owners reliable, dependable, and affordable alternatives to the traditional wood blocks used for rooftop support. Designed to withstand extreme rooftop conditions, our products have gone through extensive research, development and testing to make sure they are durable, versatile, and easy to use. Best of all, our superior-quality products are priced extremely well compared to their competitors.

Rooftop Sleeper Support's RSS4 product, the 16"x18" Sleeper Support Base, Adjustable Duct Support, and UNI-Flex Base Supports are all manufactured in the US and are always in stock, ready to be shipped the same day your order is received. Let us earn your business.