Saddle Support

The use of wood blocks is a thing of the past, and we don’t recommend using cheap products that won't last or are not durable. The constant pressure and extreme conditions found on a rooftop makes selecting the right support for the right application even more critical. The breakdown of wood block or other inexpensive materials quite often causes damage to the roof which ends up costing everyone involved additional resources and time to fix or correct these expensive problems.

In this industry, the biggest concerns are longevity, durability, and how it will handle the weight applied to the base over time on the roof. This led us to develop the Saddle Support (SS)—a durable, easy-to-use, affordable, long lasting base. This collaborative effort between industry experts, engineers, and a few hand selected high school students, involved in a local immersion program recently completed some rigorous testing and are proud to offer the new standard.

Made of 100% recycled plastic, the SS base is designed with a "saddle." The curved portion that can easily hold a pipe in place without the need for additional accessories. This simple, cost-effective, and long term solution was specifically made for electrical conduit, condensate, gas, solar, or other mechanical piping. We developed the SS to have rounded corners and smooth edges for maximum protection to the roof membrane. It is versatile and can withstand extreme rooftop conditions including constant UV exposure and vast temperature ranges. All with a 2 year warranty and engineering to back it up!