Big impact on the roofing industry. Small impact on the environment.
For over 10 years, Rooftop Sleeper Support has been offering the RSS3, a lightweight and weather-resistant alternative to the traditional 4x4 wood block, which is poorly suited for rooftop applications. We've always been proud of the fact that it is created with 100% recycled PVC plastic. However, more recently we decided that we could do more with recycled materials and set out to develop a new rooftop support, with several goals in mind.

First, we wanted it to be versatile. Whether it's needed for a simple gas line, a run of conduit, or as a base for something custom-built, we wanted to make sure that the customer has the flexibility to use it in a variety of different applications. With help from the local high school, we got to work and created a model that could be used in many different ways. Thus the design for the Saddle Support was born. Second, we wanted it to be durable. Many rooftop support products are made of material that degrades or dries out over prolonged exposure to the elements. Other products are hollow or brittle and are unsuited for supporting heavy weight.

This is where it got tricky. We wanted to reuse plastic materials that otherwise would go to waste, but we also needed to make sure that the support's composition was up to our high standards of performance and durability. Enter Rooftop Sleeper Support's patented process of heat-molding recycled high-density polyethylene and polypropylene to form a material that is not only as durable as we hoped, but that far exceeded our expectations. This unique process is what gives the Saddle Support its unique look and coloration, and since the plastics used are of high quality, the support can withstand tremendous abuse without compromise. We are very proud of the result. The Saddle Support is a bit of a "unicorn" product, in that not only is it adaptable and sturdy, but it's also incredibly affordable.
The recycled plastic grind used for the Saddle Support
The recycled plastic grind used for the Saddle Support
We are currently headquartered in the mountain valley of Heber City, UT. All of our products are manufactured here in the United States.
Our work with the local high school.
As a small business, Rooftop Sleeper Support feels strongly about giving back to the community wherever possible. Our local high school has a unique program called the Wasatch Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS), which allows collaboration between high school students and local businesses, giving the students real-world experience in the workplace. CAPS students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills by working in collaborative groups to complete real-world projects while being mentored by industry experts.

The Saddle Support was part of a collaboration between Rooftop Sleeper Support and Wasatch CAPS. The initial development of the Saddle Support was carried out by a group of high school students with guidance and supervision from our team of experienced engineers. This allowed the students to gain valuable workplace knowledge and experience, and allowed us to gain the fresh perspectives and ideas that the students brought to the table.

CAPS students compete nationally, showcasing the work they do for case firms, and often win state and national awards at Skills USA, the International Science Fair, and the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Challenge. Learn more at